Virtual Roundtable Wrap-Up (4/7)

Thank you to our customers who joined our first virtual roundtable!  Our goal is to connect peers with one another to share ideas, lessons learned, best practices, and whatever else is on your minds.  Being connected is being prepared.
Dave Hambourger, Chief Information Officer– “We don’t want to be the reason why users cannot work.”

How will the pandemic change the way we work going forward?

Troy Griffin, Director of Information Technology - “Everything is on the table for change.”

It will change office space considerations – from downsizing to a new kind of space.  It will change the number of remote workers and how they work together.  New and more video collaboration tools will be adopted even by your most resistant users.  New measures for governance and security considerations with more virtual users connecting to work environments and making decisions to connect to their own devices.  What this event has done is shed some light into a new possibility of minimizing while supporting a larger remote workforce.  

This roundtable conversation just touched the surface of current experiences and how we will work going forward. 

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