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We take pride in our certified team of experts, each holding diverse certifications across various domains. Our team members have undergone rigorous training and earned certifications that showcase their proficiency and in-depth knowledge of Splunk and related technologies. In addition to our certified team, we are thrilled to have a distinguished Splunk architect and consultant among us: Vatsal Jagani.

Vatsal Jagani is an active and esteemed member of the Splunk community, contributing valuable insights and expertise to the platform. Due to his contributions to the Splunk Community, he was elected as a member of SplunkTrust 2023. His active engagement in the Splunk community reflects our commitment to staying connected and up to date with the latest advancements and best practices in the Splunk ecosystem.

Vatsal Jagani
Product Manager – Splunk

Our Accreditation

Our Team's Certifications

Our Apps:

Cyences App for Splunk

App for Splunk designed to allow users complete visibility of their system’s security status

Cyences Add-on for Splunk

The Cyences Add-on for Splunk is designed to offer customized input functionalities specifically tailored for integration with the Cyences App for Splunk.

Auto Update MaxMind Database

This App solves a common problem with Splunk IP MaxMind database location lookup. The App has over 2500 downloads.

3CX Phone System for App Splunk

The Splunk App for 3CX Phone Systems serves as a comprehensive reporting application specifically designed for monitoring and analyzing various aspects of 3CX calls, queues, and agent logins.

The Lansweeper Add-on for Splunk

The Lansweeper Add-on for Splunk is a Splunk App that visualizes the data (assets) collected by Lansweeper into dashboards. This gives you visibility over your assets/devices directly from Splunk.

The Lansweeper App for Splunk
The Lansweeper App for Splunk is a Splunk App that visualizes the data (assets) collected by Lansweeper into dashboards.

Defender ATP status checker add-on

The Microsoft Windows Defender Status Check enables users to verify the configuration status of Defender ATP for Windows machines. This allows users to get reports related to Defender ATP configuration.

Microsoft Graph Security Sore Add API

The add-on for Splunk enables users to gather their Azure (Office 365) Security Score through the utilization of Microsoft’s Security Graph API. This helps you get Azure security insights on Splunk.

Why Us?

As a leading provider of Splunk services, we proudly hold the prestigious Splunk Elite Certification. Our expertise is further exemplified by our recognition as a Splunk Elite Build Partner. We focus on delivering comprehensive solutions and unparalleled expertise centered around Splunk’s robust platform. Our trusted partner status is a testament to our deep understanding of the intricate workings of Splunk technology.

We provide the following services with Splunk:

App Development

Installation and Environment Management

Fully Managed and Hosted Solutions

Custom Alerts and Integration for Customer

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