A new multi-vector approach to Endpoint Detection and Response
Traditional endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions focus only on endpoint activity to detect attacks. As a result, they lack the full context to analyze attacks accurately. This leads to an incomplete picture and a high rate of false positives and negatives, requiring organizations to use multiple point solutions and large incident response teams. Qualys fills the gaps by bringing a new multi-vector approach and the unifying power of its highly scalable Cloud Platform to EDR, providing vital context and comprehensive visibility to the entire attack chain, from prevention to detection to response.

Qualys Multi-Vector EDR unifies different context vectors like asset discovery, rich normalized software inventory, end-of-life visibility, vulnerabilities and exploits, misconfigurations, in-depth endpoint telemetry, and network reachability with a powerful backend to correlate it all for accurate assessment, detection and response – all in a single, cloud-based app.

Lightweight Qualys Cloud Agents (<3MB) power the app and continuously collect and stream data to the Qualys Cloud Platform, where the information is correlated, enriched and prioritized for real-time visibility into everything that’s happening on the endpoint and the surrounding network. Whether it is killing processes, quarantining files or endpoints, patching vulnerabilities, removing exploits, fixing misconfigurations or uninstalling software, our singular agent can do it all.