Phil Benton

Data Center Engineer

Phil is the guy who deploys the hardware. Servers, storage, switches, routers, and more.
Prior to joining CrossRealms he worked in Data Center Operations as an engineer for a global financial company at one of their regional datacenters. Before his job as a datacenter engineer, he worked as a UNIX systems administrator for an international law firm based in Chicago’s Loop. Phil currently works with virtual environments, backup and storage integration, and system deployments.

Phil is a lifelong technology tinkerer and gamer, working on various alternative operating systems such as FreeBSD, BeOS, Debian and QNX. Most of his gaming time is spent on Azeroth playing World of Warcraft, running the streets of Manhattan in The Division, or exploring the future of mankind in Destiny.

A Cold War Veteran, he and his wife Sue reside in Highland, Ind. They have two grown children, Aric and Alexandra, and Siberian husky Ishi. In the summer, you can find him listening to Iron Maiden, Anthrax, or Slayer while he’s in the garage resto-modding his 1972 Buick Skylark.