The ABC’s of Splunk Part Five: Splunk CheatSheet

In the past few blogs, I wrote about which environments to choose whether – clustered or standalone, how to configure on Linux,  how to manage the storage over time, and the deployment server. If you haven’t read our previous blogs, get caught up here! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 For this blog, I decided to […]

The ABC’s of Splunk Part Three: Storage, Indexes, and Buckets

In our previous two blogs, we discussed whether to build a clustered or single Splunk environment and how to properly secure a Splunk installation using a Splunk user. Read our first blog here Read our second blog here For this blog, we will discuss the art of Managing Storage with indexes.conf In my experience, it’s […]

The ABC’s of Splunk Part One: What deployment to Choose

When I first started working with Splunk, I really didn’t understand the nuanced differences between a Clustered environment and a standalone other than the fact that one is much more complex and powerful than the other. In this blog, I’m going to share my experience of the factors that need to be considered and what […]

Beware “Phishy” Emails

By Wassef Masri When the accounting manager at a major retail US company received an email from HR regarding harassment training, he trustingly clicked on the link. Had he looked closer, he could’ve caught that the source was only a look-alike address. Consequently, he was spear-phished. The hackers emailed all company clients and informed them […]