ABCs of Splunk, Part 8: Advanced Search

In this post, we will continue our journey into search with Splunk and add a few more commands to include in your arsenal of knowledge. Please revisit our previous posts to ensure you have a healthy environment upon which to run commands. Prerequisite How to Install Splunk on Linux Upload data required for the examples […]

The ABC’s of Splunk Part Four: Deployment Server

Thank you for joining us for part four of our ABC’s of Splunk series. If you haven’t read our first three blogs, get caught up here! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. When I started working with Splunk, our installations were mostly small with less than 10 servers and the rest of the devices mainly involved switches, routers, […]

Beware “Phishy” Emails

By Wassef Masri When the accounting manager at a major retail US company received an email from HR regarding harassment training, he trustingly clicked on the link. Had he looked closer, he could’ve caught that the source was only a look-alike address. Consequently, he was spear-phished. The hackers emailed all company clients and informed them […]

Splunk 2020 Predictions

Around the turn of each new year, we start to see predictions issued from media experts, analysts and key players in various industries. I love this stuff, particularly predictions around technology, which is driving so much change in our work and personal lives. I know there’s sometimes a temptation to see these predictions as Christmas […]