Upcoming Features for Cyences 1.10.0

Cyences 1.10.0 enriches the data for Office 365 by adding several new dashboard panels and alerts that cover a wide array of changes and updates which are extremely useful for security admins. “Splunk Admin Checks” has been added to the app’s navigation bar to improve the auditing experience for any administrator. The dashboards under Splunk Admin Checks help identify various issues found within a Splunk environment.

Office 365 

Each of the new dashboard panels contains search filters to quickly pinpoint any suspicious activity. The new search filters now incorporate the ability to sift through data by commands or text search. In fact, Splunk users can opt to view the raw data right from the dashboard panel itself without having to use a drilldown to save time.

The following dashboard panels have been added to the Office 365 dashboard:

Authorization Policy Change/Update
Policy Change/Update
Role Change/Update
Group Change/Update
User Change/Updatee
Service Principal Change/Update
Application Change/Update
Splunk Admin Checks

The Splunk Admin Checks dashboards serve as a quick reference for Splunk admins to double check any issues that may arise for either a standalone instance or distributed deployment.

The following dashboards have been added to the Splunk Admin Checks drop-down:


Forwarders, Inputs, Deployment Server
Parsing and Timestamp
Search Head

Download the Cyences app from Splunkbase now – https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/5351/

Usama Houlia - CEO

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