Alex Perez

Systems Engineer

Alex is the investigator. He can figure out how anything works and is adept at planning, creating and troubleshooting complex computer systems. Alex has 30 years of professional experience in technology. He served as a sonar technician in the U.S. Navy and, early in his professional career, worked as a process control analyst for AT&T Technologies. Alex has more than 15 years of experience in server and data center operations in a range of industries. Prior to joining CrossRealms, he worked as a network specialist and then as a systems engineer for an international law firm.

At CrossRealms, his work often involves moving clients from a range of different legacy systems into newer technology and helping them anticipate their needs into the future. He enjoys the unique challenges that each CrossRealms client presents. He also enjoys the opportunity CrossRealms presents to mentor junior technical engineers.

Alex, his wife Katrina, and their two sons live in the south suburbs. Alex also has two grown children. Even in his spare time, Alex enjoys working on technological challenges, including participating in an Arduino robotics class at his local library. Aliens: Colonial Marines is the go-to video game for Alex and his sons. In the summer, the family takes a break from technology at their rustic (no plumbing or electricity) cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Alex’s other favorite pastimes include listening to music, barbequing and growing vegetables.