Introducing our 3CX Splunk App

CrossRealms Develops Splunk App for 3CX to Help Customers Manage their Call Centers

Are you an organization that wants more from your 3CX phone system?

CrossRealms International and our experienced Splunk Development team have created a new Splunk application for 3CX that can help you with:

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Call Center Workforce Management
  • AI and Predictive Analytics

The Splunk 3CX app is a tool for multiple systems reporting and management. It provides visibility to your queues and agents performance, monitoring of SLAs, and predictive analytics for your staffing needs.

CrossRealms is a 3CX Titanium Partner with a dedicated development team specializing in Splunk and 3CX Apps. Our commitment is to deliver state of the art reporting and management tools for call centers. Be on the lookout for future integration between 3CX, Splunk, and other systems, such as ZenDesk, Jira, Slack, and others.

The Splunk application is now available for free on the Splunkbase. If you have any questions, or are interested receiving updates as they become available, sign up below!